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Tech PR with Proven Results – Accurate Social Analysis – Creative Social Engagement

Just Drive Media offers PR, social media and digital marketing services, uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. We are global, virtual, nimble and effective.

When you work with Just Drive Media, you work with experts in their fields who’ve been leading social media and PR outreach, social listening and analysis and digital marketing work for some of the biggest names on the internet. With a highly skilled team that spans multiple time zones, you’ll find that working with us gives you tremendous value for your dollar.

Our experience spans consumer and technology, B2B and B2C oriented campaigns. We have the relationships, tenacity and know-how to get the job done. And that’s exactly what we do. With an average client tenure of over three years, it’s clear our clients are getting the results they’re looking for.

Whether you seek help with a complete social media or PR campaign, need extra support for your internal team or are simply looking for a consult on a DIY operation, we’ve got you covered.

Let us know how we can help. We are ready to get started today.

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How Brands Can Join Instagram Without Ruining Everything

instagram2We recently wrote about the serenity of visiting the palm-sized art gallery more popularly known as Instagram. And while Instagram does indeed seem like a tranquil escape from the noise heard across other social media channels, it isn’t… Read More

The Cult of Instagram

The Cult of InstagramFacebook has become, to me, a freeway. Noisy, strewn with garbage, packed with distracting billboards you can’t avoid seeing. Twitter is a bar, at Friday happy hour –everyone crammed in, talking at once, getting sloppier as the night… Read More

What Virtual Agencies Do that Traditional PR Agencies Can’t

Virtual PR AgencyI’ve worked in the tech communications field for more than fifteen years, and in that time witnessed a veritable boom in the number of public relations firms devoted exclusively to serving technology clients (just Google “tech PR firm”… Read More

There’s a Meerkat in My Periscope

Meerkat and PeriscopeWhat live streaming video means for marketers Meerkat and Periscope exploded onto the tech scene in recent weeks, offering not only fun monikers, but the ability to live-stream (and view) video via laptop, mobile or tablet, fascinating technophiles… Read More

Not Just for Startups: Big Brands in the Sharing Economy

Shared EconomyStartups and young companies are the driving forces behind the on-demand sharing economy, but that doesn’t mean big brands should watch it pass them by. Smart marketers are using partnerships to better tap into consumers’ on-demand desires. Whether… Read More

Gigaom and The End of an Era

RIP GigaomThe news of Gigaom’s abrupt closure sent shockwaves through the tech world last week. The widely–respected blog had been a prime pitch target for tech companies that wanted to generate meaningful stories about their businesses. Those of us… Read More


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