What We Do

Public Relations

At Just Drive Media, we offer a complete range of public relations and communications services. Once engaged, we work closely with you to develop precise, targeted campaigns designed to increase awareness and recognition of your products, services, events and spokespeople. We champion your business to the reporters, bloggers and influencers that matter in your industry, ensuring increased visibility and consideration among your target audience. Our expertise spans consumer, technology, business and trade PR across a number of different industries. Over the years we’ve helped companies like PubMatic and RingRevenue become sought-after sources in the online advertising and affiliate marketing industries. We helped OpenTable grow its mobile business to more than ten million users. And today, we’re working to help establish LinkedIn as the go-to place for recruiters and hiring managers looking to reach top talent. If you’re looking for a results-oriented, high-quality consumer or tech PR agency, you’ve come to the right place.

Social Media

While many agencies compartmentalize social media and PR, at Just Drive Media the two work hand in hand. Some of our clients focus on one or the other, however, we always look at the big picture to help them understand how each can be used to help shape the perception of their brand. From there, we identify and deploy the strategy that makes the most sense for that particular client at that time, whether it’s weaving social media outreach into a broader PR campaign, initiating an exclusively social campaign, or helping them understand how to listen to and act on the conversations being had about their brand. Like with PR, we take a results-based approach to social media. We use the best tools available to measure and analyze campaigns, and we don’t cut corners with automation. Our team of analysts manually reviews social conversations to be sure we’re giving clients accurate information about the sentiment and issues being discussed with respect to their brands. This attention to detail and accuracy is exactly why clients like eBay and Skype have turned to us to help them monitor and measure the impact of their PR and social media campaigns on their brands.

Digital Marketing

We offer a number of services that fall under this umbrella. While we started off with a focus on search engine optimization, we’ve expanded this practice to include other internet marketing services – like pay-per-click advertising and reputation management – as well as creative services like graphic design and video production. Like with our other services, our digital marketing portfolio spans many different types of projects, for many different types of companies. We’ve done everything from flash or web-based product demos to branding guidelines, trade show collateral and keynote presentations. For specific examples of each of the types of services mentioned above, feel free to give us a call. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.