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One of our very first clients, eBay has relied on Just Drive Media for more than five years to help drive awareness and consideration of eBay Partner Network among affiliates, bloggers and website publishers. Over the years we’ve expanded our role to provide PR support and graphic design services for a number of other campaigns and businesses owned by the global brand, and more recently we were tapped to help guide strategy, measurement and analysis of the company’s social media efforts.


In late 2010, LinkedIn tapped Just Drive Media for help with a B2B PR campaign around the launch of its Company Pages. Impressed by our results, the company asked us to lead PR for its Marketing Solutions and Hiring Solutions businesses. Our role has recently expanded to include social media analysis for the world’s largest professional social network.


Since our launch we’ve handled various PR projects for Skype, primarily tech and B2B campaigns. More recently, we were tapped to provide guidance on the company’s social media strategy, as well as analysis of the social perception of various product developments.


Optimizely provides intuitive, easily implemented A/B testing solutions for websites. Just Drive Media helps Optimizely spread the word about their product through the social channels via unique content creation. We also track social chatter surrounding their brand and space to help drive content strategy.


Just Drive Media was tapped in the summer of 2009 to help drive awareness of OpenTable’s mobile offerings, which have now seated more than 15 million diners. Since our original engagement, we’ve provided PR support for a number of other consumer and tech PR campaigns that have helped drive adoption of its services.


One of the more exciting campaigns we’ve had the opportunity to work on was for Kosmix Tweetbeat – a real-time curated Twitter search stream. As part of the launch, Kosmix tapped Just Drive Media to help live-tweet the World Cup soccer games in 2010. What a rush it was to join fans the world over talking (and shouting!) about the games online and in real time. We helped drive tens of thousands of fans to the new product, which, along with Kosmix’s other social media technologies, was recently acquired by Wal-Mart.

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These are just a few of the fun and exciting clients we’ve worked with over the years. To learn more about our experience in specific industries, please give us a call today!

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