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Better Living Through Data Visualization

This post is Part 2 of a 3 part series on Data Visualization.  You can read Part 1, Beware of Sentiment Pies, here.  If we want to understand where things are trending, segmentation is our best friend. When designing reports, your focus should be on maximizing the reader’s understanding of the data, not just pretty pictures and long-winded explanations. The more you can segment what is important, the more valuable your listening campaign will be to the client. After all, isn’t there a big difference between your customers being annoyed …

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Panning For Gold

What is social listening, and how can I manage it? Peeling back the layers of social can be both fascinating and terrifying. Your social channels can be a gold mine for identifying fans, discovering opportunities for engagement, pioneering new ideas and collecting genuine feedback. This once elusive information previously entailed surveys and “best guesses” at customers’ mindsets, but is now on display for anyone to see. But for all its benefits, unfiltered public opinion about your brand broadcast to the billions also has the potential to stigmatize your company at …

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Beware of Sentiment Pies

One of the most valuable insights gained from social listening is sentiment surrounding your brand.  What do people like about your products and services?  What ticks them off?  What do they not care about?  Where is sentiment about your brand headed?  What do these same people think about your competitors? Accurate analysis can provide a wealth of information for product teams, marketing departments and even potential investors.   It should go without saying that being able to answer these questions is vital to the health of your company.  So brands and …

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The Human Resistance

“All Your Base Are Belong To Us” Pardon me robot overlords, but not so fast. Social listening tools can be extremely helpful for gathering pieces of the story, but they shouldn’t dominate any social analyst’s methodology in this pre-singularity age. Computers are great for getting a quick sense of the conversation, but when it comes to interpreting sarcasm, hyperbole and irony, you’re better off grabbing that snarky 14-year-old skateboarding behind the Save Mart than solely relying on an expensive social listening platform. There are some interesting tools being developed to …

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Everyone On Twitter is Always Right, Literally

Gizmodo is reporting on a curious conspiracy to add a definition to the word “literally” to reflect the way people literally use the word 24/7 to exaggerate. From Google: “Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.” And Merriam-Wesbter and Cambridge have also altered the definition behind the doors of the smoke-filled boardrooms of Big Diction. So we decided to take a quick look at how people use the word on Twitter: At least we know everyone is using …

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Love/Hate Report: Christmas!

Terms like “love” and “hate” bring out the most passionate sentiment about a brand, holiday, event or person. There are a lot of differing opinions about Christmas time on social channels. So what better time to introduce Just Drive Media’s Love/Hate Report? HO HO HO! Want to know what social media users love and hate about your brand? Call us at 1-800-274-0671.

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The Value of Social Media Engagement

Here at Just Drive Media we speak to clients every week who understand they need a social strategy, but struggle to be able to demonstrate to all internal stakeholders that it’s worth putting budget behind. We’re very lucky to work with some of the best and brightest clients in the tech industry, but not everyone in every organization understands the true value of social media. Often folks want to see an immediate ROI – usually in the form of sales – and that’s typically not realistic. Of course, a great …

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