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What Virtual Agencies Do that Traditional PR Agencies Can’t

I’ve worked in the tech communications field for more than fifteen years, and in that time witnessed a veritable boom in the number of public relations firms devoted exclusively to serving technology clients (just Google “tech PR firm” and you’ll see what I mean). No doubt, the majority of these firms do fantastic work. Many a start-up (not to mention established company) has benefited from a PR agency’s help in defining their public voice and attracting press attention they wouldn’t receive otherwise. But the model isn’t perfect. Too many young, …

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Not Just for Startups: Big Brands in the Sharing Economy

Startups and young companies are the driving forces behind the on-demand sharing economy, but that doesn’t mean big brands should watch it pass them by. Smart marketers are using partnerships to better tap into consumers’ on-demand desires. Whether your company is big or small, there’s something to be learned from these “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” strategies. Let me paint the picture of a quintessential San Francisco day. I wake up and get dressed in an outfit from Le Tote, a service that lets you borrow and return …

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