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The Human Resistance

“All Your Base Are Belong To Us” Pardon me robot overlords, but not so fast. Social listening tools can be extremely helpful for gathering pieces of the story, but they shouldn’t dominate any social analyst’s methodology in this pre-singularity age. Computers are great for getting a quick sense of the conversation, but when it comes to interpreting sarcasm, hyperbole and irony, you’re better off grabbing that snarky 14-year-old skateboarding behind the Save Mart than solely relying on an expensive social listening platform. There are some interesting tools being developed to …

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Homebound Hacks vs. Polished Professionals

I’m feeling very meta as I craft this blog post about working remotely, all while squinting at my laptop from the sunny patio of my favorite local coffee lounge. But as I’ve come to realize after overhearing many conversations from my fellow laptop squatters, there is a difference between those of us who legitimately work from home versus those who “work from home.” At Just Drive Media, our growing crew is spread across the globe, with a dispersed crew hailing from New York to Chicago to Atlanta to the Philippines. …

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