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Are You Getting Read? 3 Tips for Engaging Headlines

With literally billions (some estimate over a trillion) web pages out there, hundreds of thousands of magazines and over 100 million books that have been published, there’s clearly no shortage of information to take in from any number of devices on which we read. So, for people who do some form of writing or editing for a living, how do you make sure that your piece of writing actually gets…read? While there may not be just a single correct answer, one thing many pros believe is this: The headline can …

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Everyone On Twitter is Always Right, Literally

Gizmodo is reporting on a curious conspiracy to add a definition to the word “literally” to reflect the way people literally use the word 24/7 to exaggerate. From Google: “Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.” And Merriam-Wesbter and Cambridge have also altered the definition behind the doors of the smoke-filled boardrooms of Big Diction. So we decided to take a quick look at how people use the word on Twitter: At least we know everyone is using …

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